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Photowall Wall Protection

November 29th, 2011, 19 Comments

Protek Systems, Inc. can make your facility beautiful with PWA-124 Photowall Wall Panels at www.stainlesswallprotection.com. Through the process of sublimation, Protek has the ability to display images, photos, patterns, and logos on an aluminum substrate. PWA-124 is an aluminum wall cladding that protects walls from pedestrian traffic, wheeled equipment, and other objects that can cause damage, while [...]

Photographic Wall Protection at www.stainlesswallprotection.com

August 10th, 2011, 35 Comments

Protek Systems, Inc. can bring your interior walls to life their new photographic wall protection. PhotoGraphic 80 is a new line of photographic wall protection that is made of rigid PVC. PhotoGraphic 80 Wall Protection allows you to display a logo, image, or decorative pattern on a rigid vinyl sheet that is both impact-resistant and [...]


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