Stainless Steel Wall Protection System

March 9th, 2013

Stainless steel wall protection system ensures the complete safety of the walls from various abuses and accidents. Our company provide you the best and efficient stainless steel wall protection, so that your walls remain safe and sound. The wall protection includes wall panels, wall guards, corner guards, Steel Door & Frame Protection.

Stainless Steel Wall Panels

Stainless Steel Wall Panels offer maximum wall protection as well as it provides a clean modern design. Stainless steel reduces bacterial growth hence ensures the hygiene and allows the use of harsh cleaners. Stainless Steel Wall Panels require no unnecessary trim accessories, which in result makes installation much easier and faster. Stainless Steel Wall Panels are available in different gauges, patterns, and colours to enhance any interior or exterior design, hence not only they provide you protection to external abuses but also add to the beauty of the walls.

Stainless Steel Wall Guards

Stainless Steel Wall Guards combine or provide maximum impact protection in addition with clean and modern design. As it is also Stainless steel hence reduces bacterial growth and allows the use of harsh cleaners. These characteristics of wall guards make Stainless Steel Wall Guards ideal for hygienic areas where there is heavy traffic and abuse. Use Stainless Steel Wall Guards in hospital corridors, patient rooms, laboratories, food processing areas, kitchens and other areas and facilities that demand or require indestructible wall protection.

Stainless Steel Corner Guards

Stainless Steel Corner Guards are available in a variety of radii, corner angles, and wing sizes. Stainless Steel Corner Guards are very easy to install with our company’s standard adhesive or with the fasteners through pre-drilled holes. Stainless Steel Corner Guards are extremely excellent for lab or food service environments, and suits well with Stainless Steel Crash Rail and Handrails. In addition they also add to the interior design of the facility where they are installed.

Stainless Steel Door & Frame Protection

Stainless Steel Door & Frame Protection products shield or protect the door’s face, edges or corner, and frames from various abuses and excessive wear. Door Edge Guards permanently shield and protect door edges, and Stainless Steel Kick Plates and Push Plates protect and shield a door’s most vulnerable areas from excessive wear and tear caused by various abuses. All Stainless Steel Door & Frame Protection Products provide heavy protection that keeps doors looking newer longer, hence enhancing the door’s life.

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