Wood Grain Wall Protection

December 8th, 2011

Protek Systems, Inc. manufactures aluminum and stainless steel wall protection products with wood grain finishes. The CRDA-4SS is a decorative aluminum crash rail that will maintain an aesthetic look for your facility. CRDA-4SS provides an easily maintained, indestructible wall protection in lab or hospital environments where sterility is a concern. The material resists bacterial growth and stands up to harsh cleaning agents. CRDA-4SS decorative aluminum crash rails work well in hotel lobbies, corridors, office buildings, and schools to keep walls clean and free from damage. CRDA-4SS is available in marble (Marble CRDA-4SS) and granite (Granite CRDA-4SS) textures to compliment any decor. CRDA-4SS is also available in stainless steel – consult factory for pricing. For more information or to obtain a quote, please visit www.stainlesswallprotection.com or call 1-800-598-2153.

Wood Grain Wall Guard

Wood Grain Crash Rail

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