Hygienic Wall System

September 1st, 2010

Facilities staff need to patch up their drywall from stretcher damage constantly.  They are repainting the OR Hallway, door frames, and OR suites at least 1 time each quarter.  Facilities managers contact Alan Austin at Protek Wall Protection Systems  for their .080 seamless hygienic wall system.   WCHW-80 is a very high impact & hygienic wall protection system.  Made with a 2mm thickness of  a smooth rigid PVC, Protek .080 seamless sheets are stronger than a ceramic tile and are much easier to clean!  For renovation areas where there are existing ceramic tiles and grout lines the Protek seamless wall covering sheets are thick enough to be applied without demolition!  Contact Protek systems at alan@stainlesswallprotection.com for pictures of previous hygienic wall protection installations.


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