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September 6th, 2010

Protek Systems, Inc. supplies and installs rigid vinyl wall covering to protect walls from impact and scratching. R igid vinyl wall covering, available in a variety of thicknesses, provides design variations as well as impact protection for a myriad of areas. Available in standard sheet sizes of 4′ x 8′, our WC-40 also comes in custom sizes or the following non-standard sizes with minimum quantities: 3′ x 8′ 3′ x 9′ 3′ x 10′ 4′ x 9′ 4′ x 10′ 2′ x 120′ 3′ x 120′ 4′ x 120′ With 20 pieces in each case, our 0.040″ thick wall covering is Class A fire rated and is available in any of our 60 standard colors, as well as our Heartwood faux wood or any custom color imaginable. Top/End caps (WC-98), joint covers (WC-99) as well as inside (WC-100) and outside corners (WC-101) are also available for a finished look. Accessory molding pieces are available in 8′ or 10′ lengths. WC-40 is also part of a Rapid Response program. Please visit or call 1-800-598-2153 for more information on Rigid Vinyl Wall Coverings.

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