Custom Stainless Steel Corner Guards

September 6th, 2010

Protek Systems, Inc. offers an unlimited selection of stainless steel corner guards.  Protek specializes in stainless steel products.  We offer custom lengths, custom angles, and custom wing sizes to handle all wall protection needs.  Protek’s corners are typically made with a type 304 #4 satin finish in a 16 gauge material, but please call 800-598-2153 if you are interested in a custom finish or thickness.  Protek can also fabricate custom end wall conditions.   The stainless steel corners can we mounted with an adhesive or with standard or counter sunk holes.  Protek offers standard CG-50; CG-51; & CG-52 models for 90 degree angles, but if you require a 135 degree, 45 degree, or a custom angle there are NO minimum requirements.  Please call 800-598-2153 or visit our website at

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